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Life is amazing. The variations within each species and between species fascinate me. The shape of a leaf, the color of an eye, the softness of a baby's skin, the ability to blend in or to stand out, to weep or to laugh, to be brave or to be afraid: it all amazes me. Did it all happen by chance or are we created from intent? I choose to believe that this planet and its creatures were created by Someone with a fantastic imagination. It doesn't seem possible otherwise.


The dictionary defines liberty as "the state of being free in action or thought from the domination of others or from restricting circumstances." It further defines liberty as "freedom" and "having permission to do something."

Freedom is one of our most precious rights, yet one that many of us either abuse or take for granted. The next time you're reading a newspaper or watching a movie or simply wearing a pair of cutoffs and a tank top, remember that there are many places where even basic freedoms are censored or not allowed. As for me, let me get out my flag and wave it. I'm grateful that I live in the United States of America - the greatest nation on God's earth.


Happiness? It seems to me that if you have that, true happiness, then your little corner of the world should be just about perfect. But that's a naive way to think, I know. We're born to strive; it makes us strong and vital.

So what else is there besides happiness for which we should strive? Good health? Yes, because even though our end of days may come in an instant, it'd be good to meet it without a smoker's hack. Wealth? Yes, but only if it you work to get it and work to use it for good. Wisdom? Yes. Because those with wisdom understand what it takes to be truly happy.

Happiness...the most popular "if only" subject. And really, it's only possible with an "only if" perspective. You'll be happy only if you choose to be.